North Shore Shrimp Trucks To Sue Customers Who Tagged Their Vehicles

HALE’IWA, OAHU, HAWAII — Shrimp truck owners voted unanimously to press charges and sue past and present customers who have tagged/wrote on their vehicles with permanent markers, citing, “at first it was somewhat of a novelty thing to do, but now it’s just getting down right out of hand” said one business owner who wanted to remain anonymous.

“The graffiti and writing is not only an eyesore, but it could also be a reason we are seeing a decline in customers” he continued, “We are going forward with suing these people so we can make up for losses.”

The business group said they have over 1 million names written on their trucks and are hiring forensic scientists to track down said vandals.

“It’s gonna cost us a few hundred thousand dollars, but the settlements will be very lucrative” said Aina Buhleedis, owner of Aina’s Scrimp and Cereal Truck. She also added, “We are happy to announce that we have also teamed up with the nation’s top handwriting analysts.”

The owners suggest that if you have written on their trucks in the past, that you have a 30 day grace period from today to scrub and/or erase your name(s) or you can send them a check or money order for $5.45 if you are in Hawaii, or $7.25 if you are out of state.

21 thoughts on “North Shore Shrimp Trucks To Sue Customers Who Tagged Their Vehicles

  1. Christie Mcshane

    I nvr did write on those trucks but I have a thing r 2 to say. Why don’t u put up signs n get a paint job. I’m sure it will cost less than thousands dumb asses! U r only upsetting what is possibly ur only loyal customers haha what a joke and waste of time n money. Good laugh tho! Thanks!


  2. Nanci

    Are you kidding me some of them have the marking pens there so you can sign even the shave ice truck at the Polynesian culture center has The marking pens out so you can sign their truck


    1. Erin Nitsche

      My family owns Giovanni’s Aloha Shrimp Truck. Please come sign our trucks. We will even give you the sharpie markers. We are not included in this article by any means. We started the trend, and we love when we see names from all around the world. Whoever wrote this please get your facts straight. That is a picture of my truck you have there. In no way are we involved in this article.
      Thank you
      The Giovanni’s Aloha Shrimp Family.


      1. Archie Poki

        Me and a bunch of my friends will be by after we jump out of a perfectly good airplane to celebrate!! Thank You For Making some Awesome Food!! Be Seeing You Guys Soon!!


      2. shrimp lover

        Yup. That’s why Giovanni’s is an icon. Everytime I talk to a new Comer I always tell them they gotta go to Giovanni’s in Kahuka. Today I told 4 newcomers they gotta try it w the li hing mui pineapple next door. If the food is something about the people will continue to come.


  3. Penguin

    Whoever thinks this is real… c’mon… the person they “interviewed” is named “Aina Buhleedis”….. uh… hello… “I no believe this.”

    And his “truck” is called “Aina’s Scrimp and Cereal.” What the heck is a scrimp? If you scroll down, there’s a link that says this article was posted in a Hawaii satire site… satire means it’s a joke.

    C’mon, people… read in between the lines and read the fine print. You REALLY think that they’d spend resources to analyze each tag and find the person? Woooooow lau lau….


  4. Hawaiiangirls

    The owner is a stupid pathetic idiots. Next time put up a sign saying not to tagg your stupid truck. Kahuku famous shrimp truck slso had people from all over the world write their name on their shrimp truck. They weren’t a cry baby about it they didn’t sue anybody they just replace the truck snd got a new one. Ill give u 2 dollar to hush and disappear


  5. Erin Nitsche

    As the family who owns Giovanni’s Aloha Shrimp Truck I have to say we are not affiliated with this article. We love people writing on our trucks. We even give them the sharpie markers to do so. I don’t appreciate that my truck is the one shown in this article and there is no reason why we would be suing people if we encourage them to sign it. Please get your facts straight. COME ONE COME ALL WE LOVE THE NAMES.


  6. Shane

    Smdh…..what dummy takes the time 2 do a dumb thing like this.Ur a dumb ass….Anywhoo, u jst put urself at the bad end of ur joke,Lmfao! !!!!Coz now….Giovanni’ s have every right 2 sue ur dumb ass 4 using their truck as bait.How’s them apples…..Cracking the hell up….BWAHAHAHA


  7. jim lynn

    “It’s gonna cost us a few hundred thousand dollars, but the settlements will be very lucrative” said Aina Buhleedis, owner of Aina’s Scrimp and Cereal Truck. She also added, “We are happy to ann
    >aina buleedis
    >aina’ i dont’ buleedis ‘believe this’
    this article is a 10/10 troll worldpress. your welcome confused white ppl



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