The Obamas Drink And Cruise Up At Tantalus Lookout

HONOLULU, HAWAII — The President and first lady were seen Tuesday night having drinks and playing loud music through their SUV up at a popular lookout point in Honolulu.

Witnesses say they had a large entourage up at Tantalus Lookout dancing and partying like they were in college. “President Obama and his wife were acting like they were in a club or something”, said Paul Smiyabru, a resident of Tantalus Drive, he continued “we even seen him throwing up what appeared to be gang signs and yelling out ‘WESTSIDE’ at the top of his lungs.”

Another witness, who wanted to remain anonymous said the president was playing 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ on repeat for an entire hour before letting Michelle control the music. “Michele played more old school music which was cool with us” said another resident.

Police were called at around 11PM responding to a disturbing the peace complaint. HPD say when they arrived at the lookout the Obamas were already gone, and left behind four empty Old English 800 bottles. Police say they are not going to pursue this matter any further because he is the quote: “Top dawg in our country and no one got hurt”.

The Obamas are here in Hawaii for their annual Christmas vacation.

12 thoughts on “The Obamas Drink And Cruise Up At Tantalus Lookout

  1. jamama

    This is 100% fake as it gets. I’m not an Obama supporter, just a fellow Hawaiian. Old E is not something our island has on hand and if it was so many others would have been inconvenienced by his presence at this exact location. This internet post is completely bogus!!!


  2. Doug

    You extreme right wing Log Cabin Tea Party mahu already make his presidency a Calvary no president should have suffered. Even Boehner finally gave in on the bile filled campaign to destroy Obama. You jerks have to spread racist lies to his last day in office? Better you go back to playing with yourself instead of making up this crap! You make me ashamed of being a registered Republican.


  3. Relibig Botelho

    Hahahahaha. Another hilarious one from MM. Thank you for the Holiday laughs. To all you others who can’t take a joke, go smoke some pakalolo and chill. Keep it coming innovators.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. M Ewalani Manuel-Coats

    Wondering if anyone is going to arrest this ISIS supporting Jihadi terrorist?! He has a warrant for his arrest issued by the Supreme Court! Brah…no come Westside! Bumby your ride goin get hacked by Anonymous!


  5. Mike Gale

    This looks suspicious. In the first place, having lived on Tantalus for 21 years, the comment by the resident is just not right. If Paul Smiybru was home or going home, he would be traveling up Tantalus Drive, while the overlook is on Round Top Dr.. They are the same road but nobody goes up Round Top to get to their home on Tantalus Dr. Secondly, while the photo of Diamond Head is from “A” lookout, it seems too low on the mountain to be from the Round Top lookout, and PunchBowl Cemetery appears in the lower right. Also, there is no way a large group could party on the Round Top Lookout as there is only a very narrow space between the road and the overlook. Unless they were double or triple parked-onto the road, there is no place to really have a party. I think the story is one big “shibai” (disingenous).



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